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Sweet Taffy and Murder by Dana Moss


Spoiled, rich party girl Taffy Belair is in trouble. Again. This time her grandmother is banishing her to a small coastal town in Oregon to clean up her act. Cut off from familiar luxuries and expected to work and take care of a house and herself, Taffy could care less about fitting into the quirky town of Abandon. Without her posse of girls or even good coffee, let alone a party scene, she starts stirring up new trouble. Hunky handyman Ethan is a good start. But when she stumbles over a possible murder, Taffy transforms from party girl to amateur detective. Now she’s getting into more trouble than she ever did back in New York. She’s unearthing secrets and upsetting the locals. Is this quaint seaside enclave really the “Sweetest Town on the Coast,” or is it rotten to the core? With the help of new friends, Taffy must risk her life to expose a conspiracy and capture a killer before the town’s body count increases by a factor of one stylish blonde (in need of a manicure).


Tough and chewy yet sweet and rather moreish, I liked both versions of Taffy. I enjoyed reading about her when she was a spoilt selfish brat just as much as I enjoyed her transformation. I especially liked the leaking tap issue and her total lack of knowledge about stop cocks (reminded me of my own offspring!) Her lack of curiosity and total acceptance of the way things were for her when she was rich was really funny, and slightly annoying at the same time.

The plot had me guessing almost to the very end, and I enjoyed the way the author sent readers down several false paths before the killer was finally revealed.

I'm looking forward to the next book in this series.

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