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A Winter Affair by Minna Howard


A wonderful warm, seasonal treat, whisking you on a magical adventure to the Swiss Alps. Full of food, laughter and fun. Perfect for the fans of Trisha Ashley.

With a recent divorce and empty nest Eloise Brandon is facing Christmas alone until a harried phone call from her godfather changes everything.

Accepting his challenge, Eloise finds herself en-route to Verbier and to her godfathers chalet in the beautiful Swiss Alps to help cater for some seriously rich, high rolling guests.

What ensues makes it a Christmas to remember. A heady alpine mixture of old friends, ex-husbands, mega-rich, super demanding guests, a dishevelled proprietor and Bert the dog.


It was strange sitting on a hot beach reading a book featuring a great deal of snow, but it was a testament to the author that I forgot where I was and immersed myself in the story.

This was a fairly quick, light read with a beautiful setting, Christmas as a backdrop, and an MC who cooks delicious meals.

I didn’t find Lawrence, the love interest, to be a particularly likeable character, and on one level the romance didn’t work for me. If I was Eloise, I’d have told him to stick it where the sun don’t shine and returned home (it’s not as if she needed the money and she was actually doing him a favour). In spite of that, I enjoyed the way Eloise dealt with all the problems thrown at her and she came into her own as the story progressed.

Aurelia and Debra were thoroughly horrid and a good foil for Theo and Bert, the delightful dog. Add a couple of unexpected events and you have a romping good chick lit.

I received a copy of this book form NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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