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Love is... by Haley Hill


Dating Agency doyenne Ellie Rigby always thought that helping people find love with the hard part.

But now she’s all loved up with husband Nick and has hundreds of matchmaking successes under her belt, Ellie ought to know all there is to know about love.

As her struggles to get pregnant put strain on her marriage, and her matchmaking service starts losing clients, Ellie realises she has so much more to learn. So setting off on a global research trip, Ellie makes it her mission to find out what makes love last forever, and whether it’s enough to save her own romance.


Great start, not sure if it became a little OTT during the middle, in the search for how to keep a marriage alive. I kept wondering how Dominic, the CEO, was able to take so much time away from his desk.

However, I took all the above in the spirit it was meant, and concentrated on the relationship between the three main characters. I appreciated the author’s attempts to show how people can let things slide, and how they can sometimes fail to communicate effectively, and not work at a marriage, and become seduced by the grass on the other side of the fence. It was funny in places and the MC managed to get herself into some strange situations – exactly what I’d expect from a chick lit.

I got the ending I was hoping for, but I did feel a little cheated, both at the ease of the reconciliation and Ellie’s news. The author seemed to sweep these two items under the carpet somewhat, and as the first was the basis for the premise of the story, and the second was what made me enjoy the story so much in the beginning, I felt a little let down (I’m trying – unsuccessfully - not to give too much away here). The last couple of chapters could have done with a little more oomph.

About the Author

I was born in London in 1977 with a big heart, big feet and big ideals. I was going to change the world. Aged 25, my ambition had dwindled to finding a husband and having babies. Aged 27, I realised I was missing the point. I ended my relationship and set up a matchmaking agency to find the truth about love and fulfilment. Six years later, having personally matched thousands of singles, and finally sorted my own life out, I decided it was paramount, for the future of humanity, that I write a novel to share my findings. I finished it within six months. It was awful. I wrote it again. Not much better. I re-wrote it a further five times. Then self-published. I called it, IT'S GOT TO BE PERECT. To everyone's surprise (apart from my mum's), it reached number one on Amazon UK and US. I then acquired an agent and a publisher. They asked me to write two more books. The second is LOVE IS... a romantic comedy about a quest to find out what makes love last. My writing might contain a few rude words and some dubious phallus-humour but the premise always comes back to love and what it means to us all.

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