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For Rent by Erin Huss


What's another word for concierge/shrink/babysitter? Apartment manager, of course!

When Cambria Clyne—a single mom down on her luck—gets the job as apartment manager at an L.A. apartment complex, she believes her life is turning around. But between having to talk to the retired couple in Apartment 22 about their loud bedroom "activities" and babysitting the owner's man-child who lives in Apartment 40, Cambria realizes the job is nothing like she'd imagined.

When crime takes over the community, Cambria adds "detective" to her list of duties, determined to find the criminals terrorizing the residents and threatening her job. Joining her efforts are rivals Chase, the gorgeous not-so-handy maintenance man, and Tom, her one-time-love baby daddy. As the case unravels and tensions increase, Cambria finds that perhaps she's been a naïve accomplice all along...

If you like the lovable in-over-their-heads heroines of Sophie Kinsella's stories, with a little Janet Evanovich cozy mystery thrown in, you'll love this hilarious look at the adventures of a feisty gal trying to keep her crazy job and find love.


What a breath of fresh air! No idyllic cafes, bookstores or villages; no Paris or the Alps or Italy. Just a semi-run down apartment block, a single unmarried mother and a load of rather strange tenants.

I loved the humour in this, the MC's voice, and the tone of it. The story kept me entranced for a solid day, during which I only stopped reading when I was forced to. It was funny, lightheaded, had a couple of love interests, and several crimes. The whole thing was well put together and well executed and a joy to read.

About the Author

Erin Huss is a former on-site apartment manager and current blogger at The Apartment Manager’s Blog—a chronicle of the comical (and often bizarre) accounts of property managers. Erin lives in Southern California with her husband, five children, two dogs, and lots and lots of fish.

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