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It Was You by Jo Platt


When life falls apart, friendship will keep you together...

Alice Waites has been happily single for almost two years.

When her close friends in The Short Book Group gently question her current distinct lack of interest in men, she accepts that maybe it is time to deal with the past and open herself up to new possibilities.

Oh yes, the time has come to go dating again.

However, things soon unravel for Alice as she uncovers the secret heartache and hopes of those around her. And her most surprising discovery is the life-changing truth which she has kept hidden, even from herself…


Quite a slow start, I thought, alleviated by a scene later referred to as the Eleanor Black party, which captured my interest and allowed the characters to dig their little hooks into me and make me care about them.

I loved the way several of the main characters totally got the wrong end of the stick about their relationships and the feelings of others. The whole thing was humorous and sweet, and had the necessary 'ahhh' factor.

About the Author

Jo Platt was born in Liverpool and, via the extremely winding route of rural Wiltshire, London, Seattle and St Albans, now finds herself nicely settled, with a husband and two children, in Bristol. Jo studied English at King's College London and, upon graduation, her first paid employment (other than her student occupation of cleaning in a psychiatric hospital), was as a besuited office worker in a large City institution. She was held happily captive by the City for ten years, before finally escaping into motherhood and part-time employment, first as an assistant teacher in Seattle, and then as a Bristol-based secretary to her husband; the sexual harassment was dreadful - but the pay rather good. After many years of writing purely for the entertainment of family and friends, Jo took a deep breath and decided to see whether anybody else might find what she had to say entertaining. "Reading Upside Down", published in 2013, was the result; a debut which has since sold to publishers internationally. To find out more about Jo, both past and present, visit her website or catch up with her daily ramblings on Twitter @JoPlattTweets

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