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Miss Wrong and Mr Right by Robert Bryndza


‘This is men,’ said Gran. ‘When they vant you, but you don’t vant them, they stay. But let them know you vant them, they no longer need you, and they go! It’s like that movie, Nanny McPhee.’ Natalie Love has worked hard to have it all. She runs a successful London theatre that's about to host one of Hollywood's leading stars, Ryan Harrison. She’s pretty sure she’s found her man in yoga boyfriend Benjamin, despite his annoying habit of saying Namaste! every time he speaks. And her eccentric, glamorous Hungarian Gran is always on hand to offer sage advice and steaming bowls of goulash. Life in the bright lights of London has always been Natalie's escape from her chaotic country family in rural Devon and Jamie, the childhood sweetheart she left at the altar fifteen years ago. Until he turns up at her theatre door... Jamie is in town producing a West End show and with rivalry suddenly clouding old feelings, this isn’t quite the reunion Natalie was expecting. Will Benjamin prove to be Natalie’s perfect match? With Ryan turning her head, Natalie is more confused than ever. And what about Jamie – could he be her second chance at first love?


I loved the opening line -"My wedding dress burned easily." It grabbed my attention straight away, but unfortunately lost it a little by the end of chapter 2, mostly because of the tense switches (sometimes within the same sentence) and a couple of other little things which an editor should have picked up. Once I noticed them, I found I was looking for them, rather than concentrating on the story.

However, that said, by the end of chapter 3, the story had drawn me in enough to forget the little niggles of earlier, I got over my initial 'meh' and began to enjoy it. Really enjoy it. Unexpectedly funny, I caught myself sniggering into my tablet (the thing with the pigeons was inspired!) and eagerly looking forward to discovering what else the author had up his sleeve.

I did think Jamie was a bit of a prat, though, and maybe what she did to him all those years ago was justified...

Gran - what can I say about her! She was my favourite character. I want a gran like this. Heck, she's going to be my role model when I get to her age. Better start practising wearing ridiculously high heels then!

About the Author

Robert Bryndza is the author of the international #1 bestseller The Girl in the Ice. The Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestseller is the first in the new Detective Erika Foster series. The second book in the series, The Night Stalker, is a Wall Street Journal no.1 bestseller, and the third book, Dark Water, has just been published. Robert's books have sold over 1.5 million copies and have been translated into 24 languages. In addition to writing Crime Fiction, Robert has published a bestselling series of romantic comedy novels. He is British and lives in Slovakia with his Slovak husband Ján. You can find out more about the author at and on Twitter @RobertBryndza Sign up to Robert Bryndza‘s New Release Mailing List here:

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