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The Librarian and the Spy by Susan Mann


A librarian’s journey from the checkout desk to fast cars, stolen treasures, and international intrigue / with an introduction by suave, handsome “insurance” agent James Lockwood. Adventure-hungry Quinn Ellington’s job solving mundane mysteries for library patrons entangles her in a mission to decode the whereabouts of a weapons cache from a priceless work of art before arms dealers beat her to it. Her adventure is filled with twists, turns, and a budding romance. Transcontinental pursuit, daring rescues, and intense covert flirting follow. 1. Spies—attractive. 2. London—criminal networks. 3. London—Harry Potter references. 4. Libraries—secrets of. 5. Best friends—nosy. I. Ellington, Quinn.


What a rollicking good read! Amusing, action packed, informative - and who knew that being a librarian was so interesting (aside from meeting a spy of course). All this, as well as a feisty heroine and a sexy love interest, there was nothing not to like in this book. Aside from the cover, that is. The author asked if I would like to read and review, and I agreed based on the blurb only. If i'd seen the cover first, I never would have given the book the time of day! And that would have been such a shame. Please, please, please don't let the cover put you off - this is a thoroughly enjoyable rompingly good story!

Due out on 25th April, pre-order your copy here

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