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Four Bridesmaids and a White Wedding by Fiona Collins


Don’t tell the bride!

Rose, Sal and JoJo have been looking forward to their best friend Wendy’s hen party for ages. A relaxing spa break is the perfect way to escape their crazy careers, grumpy husbands and stroppy children – even if the groom’s straight-laced sister, Tamsin, is coming too.

Until they realise that there’s been a mistake in the booking and instead of sipping prosecco in fluffy white dressing gowns they’re off to bridesmaid bootcamp!

Squeezing themselves reluctantly into tiny shorts and sliding through the mud, it’s only a matter of time before secrets emerge that could change everything…

Forget about saving the date, these four bridesmaids need to save the day – otherwise will there even be a white wedding at all?


Hooked in the first chapter! Such a funny (and disturbingly accurate) picture of teenage girls. I kept nodding and thinking 'yes, mine does that!'

I do so love this lady's writing style, it's so upbeat, so English, so funny. I smiled all the way through this (though not at the more sombre bits, obviously) and some scenes had me in stitches. I finished it with a big grin on my face and a happy heart.

What more can you ask of a chick lit?

About the Author

Fiona Collins lives in the Essex countryside with her husband, three children and the noisiest cat in England, but also finds time for a loving relationship with a Kindle. She likes to write feisty, funny novels about slightly (ahem) more mature heroines. She writes furiously at her kitchen table whilst the children are at school. She often startles the postman by coming to the door wearing a hideous cardigan and shortbread crumbs.Fiona studied Film & Literature at Warwick University and has had many former careers including TV presenting in Hong Kong, radio traffic presenter and film & television extra. She has kissed Gerard Butler and once had her hand delightfully close to George Clooney’s bum.

When not writing, Fiona enjoys watching old movies and embarrassing her children, especially when they have friends over. She dreams of hiring a cleaner and someone to pick pants off the floor.

You can follow Fiona on Twitter @FionaJaneBooks

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