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Say "Hello" to Rebekah Louise

Meet Author of ‘Love, Life & Dreams’, Rebekah Louise.

Hi, I’m Rebekah Louise, I am 32 and live in Worcestershire with my family. In May, I published my first book ‘Love, Life & Dreams’. The book consists of five unique short stories that focus on everyday themes such as love, death, relationships, deceit and there is even some humour thrown in for good measure.

I wanted to give my readers a treat to enjoy whilst taking a break, whether they were lying on the beach or tucked away in the corner of a coffee shop. I love short stories as it allows you to start and finish a story in one sitting, as not everyone has the time to commit to a novel.

Love, Life & Dreams Blurb:

'Doctor's Orders' What do you do when you were planning a family with your husband, only to learn that he has been busy making a family with somebody else? Emma is in a bad place but someone is ready to swoop in and rescue her from herself. Just what the Doctor ordered. 'Julie' Tom meets Julie at work and quickly realises that she’s the woman he previously had a fling with. But surely everything will be okay if it’s just one run-in? It’s not as if Julie is going to pop up everywhere he looks – at his daughter’s school, at his wife’s tennis club… or is she? 'Live the Dream' Louis and Emma are happily married and travelling the world, ticking off the landmarks, enjoying every minute with each other. A reminder that it’s important to make the most of the time you have together… 'Off the Record' James is a DJ and a bit of a scoundrel. He only thinks of himself and can be rude about the women he’s been involved with. But he’s about to learn a big lesson when he accidentally leaves the radio microphone on and proceeds to talk badly about his latest fling… 'Suite 200' Ania has recently moved to the UK for a chance at a better life. She’s working hard in a hotel and is down on her luck. When a member of royalty arrives at the hotel, Ania gets to see first-hand that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.


When I’m not writing, you will most likely find me eating cake with friends or at the local playgroup chasing after my little boy. I try to attend fitness classes three times a week and I enjoy yoga, which I squeeze in as much as possible. My family and I love to travel and we are planning on spending three weeks in November travelling around part of America.

I enjoy reading and some of my favourite authors are Jane Fallon, Liane Moriarty, Sophie Kinsella, B.A. Paris, Holly Seddon. At present, I am reading ‘The Yorkshire Pudding Club’ by Milly Johnson, which I snuggle up to in bed each night.

As I mentioned earlier I recently published ‘Love, Life & Dreams’ there are five individual stories. One of the stories is named ‘Julie’. Readers have asked me what happens next, so I have written a continuation of the story which is entitled ‘Julie Part Two’. If you would like to read it for free, you can view it on my website under the blog section.

I have also interviewed Louis from the story entitled ‘Live the Dream’. You can find out more about him and what’s been happening in his life over the last few months which is also on my blog page. You can also see some pictures of Louis & Emma and their trip to Italy on my Pinterest board.

I also have compiled other boards on Pinterest to allow you into my imagination when writing my short stories. I think it’s interesting to know what images the author has in his/her mind when writing. I wanted to allow my readers to have this experience too.

I hope to interview some of my other characters from ‘Love, Life & Dreams’ and possibly write a Novella following on from one of my short stories – watch this space!

If you would like to find out more and purchase ‘Love, Life & Dreams’ please click on the link below:

Amazon UK

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