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The Little Lady Agency by Hester Browne


It's the last thing she expected from an innocent interview, but before she knows it, sweet, naïve Melissa has just accepted a job for an escort agency! Well, she needs the cash, and you can't deny that it sounds like a lot of fun. And what harm can providing lonely men with stimulating conversation over dinner do? You'll be surprised!!


I loved the premise (wasn't so keen on the title) and both the story and the quality of writing lived up to it.

It was funny right the way through and I read it all with a smile on my face. Who can resist lines like "...the secret of a long and happy marriage was a large house" (said by Melissa's grandmother). There are days when I wish mine was a Tardis!!

My only slight niggle in what was an otherwise charming story, was that I felt the ending wasn't quite as nicely wrapped up as I was hoping.

About the Author

Hester Browne lives in Herefordshire with her dog, her 1962 Mini and her vast collection of red lipsticks. She is the author of numerous bestselling novels including The Vintage Girl, The Little Lady Agency and The Runaway Princess.

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