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The Mother's Secret by Clare Swatman


Love keeps us together

Sisters Kate and Georgie have always shared a close bond. While Kate enjoyed the freedoms of youth, Georgie remained at home. But now Georgie is grown up, it’s time she started exploring.

Love can tear us apart

Their mother Jan loves her daughters with all her heart. So what if she kept them out of sight when they were young? She just cared for them so much. She wanted to protect them.

What if your life was based on a lie?

Maybe there was another reason for Jan’s protective behaviour? If they ventured too far afield, it might destroy the facade of their childhood. This family’s about to discover that while lies can cause pain, the truth could destroy them all.


This story is told through the eyes of three very different women, with three very different problems stemming from the same underlying cause, and I must say, I think it is handled remarkably well. The author isn't afraid to dive straight into some very emotional issues indeed and writes about them with aplomb.

I found this book to be quite heart-wrenching, and with each revelation I found myself becoming ever deeper invested in the story. Not an easy read, but a heartfelt one.

About the Author

Clare Swatman is a journalist for a number of weekly women's magazines. Clare was Features Editor for Bella and has written for Best, Woman's Own and Real People. She writes for her local magazine as well as the travel pages for Take a Break. Clare lives in Hertfordshire with her husband and two boys. Before You Go is her first novel, and she's busy working on her second.

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