• Lilac Mills

Sunshine on a Rainy Day by Bryony Fraser


It’s Zoe and Jack’s first wedding anniversary party. They’ve got an announcement! They’re getting divorced…

Marriage isn’t for everyone – something that Zoe and Jack discovered only after they’d walked down the aisle. Bad timing, huh? So now they’re stuck together in their once harmonious marital home, neither one of them willing to move out of their lovely house.

With Zoe’s three sisters always wanting a say, and Jack’s best friend trying his best to fix things between them, misunderstandings arise. Tempers flare. ‘Accidents’ happen…

Zoe and Jack are going to be lucky if they’re still alive when the twelve months are up. But maybe things aren’t quite as final as they seem?


I have some real mixed feelings about this book. It's been on my TBR pile for a while now, but for some reason I kept skirting around it... maybe it was the cover, but I'm not sure why. But when I finally dived in and began reading, the first page drew me right in, and I stayed there - for a while.

But then Zoe's attitude began to grate a little and then I started to feel so terribly sorry for Jack, until I was eventually rooting for him to come to his senses and find someone who didn't hurt him so badly.

Hmm. Still not sure about it...

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