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A Mother's Secret by Minna Howard


Verity seems to have it all. A beautiful home, two grown-up sons and a husband who has always been her rock. But one day, the doorbell rings. And it changes Verity's life forever.

Saskia has nowhere else to go. Before she died, her mother left her with her father's name and nothing else. The only way for Saskia to take care of herself – and her unborn baby – is to find the father she never knew. And the family that didn't know she existed.

This family secret means the end of everything they've ever known. But could it also be the chance for a new beginning?

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While I did enjoy the storyline and I liked the characterisation (even Delia and Mrs Tracey Morton, because they were both horrid enough to evoke a reaction from me) I thought the book needed to be a little grittier given the subject matter. Saskia’s pregnancy felt like an afterthought throughout the whole book and although it was frequently referred to, it was never really explored. I also felt that the writing style and tone was rather more chicklit than drama.

That said, it was an interesting story and made for an enjoyable few hours reading.

About the Author

Minna has had an exciting career in fashion journalism and now writes full time, whilst enjoying time with her grandsons and working as an occasional film and TV extra. She lives in London.

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