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A new book for January

Booky News

I've just been given a sneak peek at the cover for the first book of my new series, based in a little Welsh Village called Foxmore. As soon as I can share it with you, I will, but I must say that it's absolutely gorgeous! I can tell you the title, though - it's called The Corner Shop on Foxmore Green - and it'll be out on 19th January.

I've also just finished writing the second book in the series, so I might take a rest for five minutes before I get stuck into the next. Or maybe not, because I'm loving spending time in Foxmore!

Other news

I'm not the best gardener in the world. My hubby often asks me what a flower in the garden is, and I often don't have any idea. I usually can't even remember planting it.

This isn't quite so common when it comes to my veggie patch, but when I checked my strawberry beds with a view to cutting the plants down for the winter, I spotted some intruders - plants that I have no idea how they got there! If I have planted them, I can't remember doing it... One of them is some kind of squash (I think) and the other is a couple of broad bean plants that are in flower. Good luck with winter on the way, but I'll leave them be for now - they might manage to produce a pod or two before the cold kills them off. I have grown some new strawberry plants from runners, though, and I distinctly remember planting those!

And look at those two little apples - they've been on the tree about two months and are tiny. I haven't got the heart to pick them.

Free book!

Just thought you might be interested in this little beauty. It's free to download from BookFunnel and I've already grabbed my copy. I haven't had a chance to read it yet but it appears to be my sort of book, and as I don't know how long it will be available I thought I'd let you know about it. Get it here.

A Second Look by Carrie Walker

Jake the Fake Date

In an effort to avoid a matchmaking nightmare Heather RSVP's two for her cousin's wedding, without a date. Three days before the wedding, her pesky co-worker, Jake, with an obnoxious crush on her agrees to go as her fake date. Will Heather survive the evening, or even possibly see there's more to Jake than meets the eye?

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