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Etti Summers

Autumn at the Stables on Muddypuddle Lane

When vet, Timothy Milton, is offered a job in the village of Picklewick he is over the moon, especially when he shares the excitement of landing his dream position with a rather pretty stranger, who he hopes he will see more of when he starts work.

Charity Jones isn’t used to men showing an interest in her, and she’s even less used to being attracted to them. Until now, she has preferred looking after her horse to having a relationship. However, when she discovers Timothy is the new equine vet and that he shares her love of all things horsey, she wants to get to know him better.

Unfortunately, neither of them bargains for what happens when Timothy meets Charity’s sister, Faith…

And with Bonfire Night fast approaching are fireworks set to go off, or will it be nothing more than a damp squib?

Autumn at the Stables on Muddypuddle Lane
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