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Blog tour - Freecycling for Beginners by Misha M Herwin


The time has come for Jane to sell the family home. Downsizing to a flat means everything must go, but her late husband's favourite chair is far too precious for the tip. Meanwhile Robyn, balancing her precarious career as a portrait artist with raising an autistic son, is searching for a chair with panache that will allow her sitters to pose in comfort. Elsewhere in the city, Tracey is clearing out her wardrobe at the same moment that divorced and cash-strapped Debbie is frantically seeking a prom dress for her daughter. None of these women have ever met until Freecycle brings them together -- and their lives are about to be changed in ways they could never have imagined.

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This book wasn't at all what I thought it was going to be from the title and the cover - but I'm so pleased I read it! Written in a down-to-earth style and with everyday, believable characters, the story was a joy from the first page to the last.

With such a diverse cast of characters and told from many different points of view, it would have been easy for the reader to become lost in all those voices, but the author handled them all skilfully and with great aplomb. She also does a fantastic job of stitching all the various individual stories together until they form a completed quilt of a novel with the most lovely of endings.

There is some romance in this tale, but the main focus is on helping others, being less self-absorbed, giving rather than taking, and the realisation that possessions aren't as important as love, friendship and a community spirit.

About the Author

Misha Herwin was born in England to Polish parents. English was not her first language but once she learned, she never stopped talking or writing. Her first efforts were stories and plays for her younger sister. Since then she has moved on to women's fiction, kids books and has had a number of short stories published in anthologies in the US and UK.

Her latest book 'Belvedere Crescent' is a time slip novel.

Her books for children include'City of Secrets' and 'Bridge of Lies' the first two books in the series of 'The Adventures of Letty Parker'.

Her short stories can be found in 'The Alchemy Book of Ancient Wonders', 'Magical', 'Bitch Lit' 'Voices of Angel' 'Dear Robot' among others.

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