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Blog Tour - The Diary of a Nagging Wife by Donna Mensah


A hilarious story of the ups and downs of a overtired and overworked mother, two needy children and an overbearing husband the perfect laugh-out-loud story

The diary of a nagging wife is a hilarious journey of the up's and downs of the life of Annie a 39-year-old mother to a chatty toddler and a newborn, going from a high roller financial manager to being boggled down with two children is no easy picnic, throw in an overbearing obnoxious husband to the mix equals a disaster. Written in the form of a diary, join Annie as she begins to wonder whether there is more to life than swollen breasts and picking up her husbands dirty laundry from of the floor. Can Annie truly figure out what she wants from her life?



If you want a quick, amusing read which focuses on how you can lose sight of yourself when you become a mum, then this is the book for you. Told in a mixed format of diary entries and first person POV, Annie is feeling unappreciated, unloved and put upon, and her situation is totally relatable. It's entertaining and funny, and on occasion I wanted to slap her husband from here to next week.

An entertaining way to spend a couple of hours if you enjoy reading humorous stories about married couples - which I happen to think is one of the best themes!

About the Author

Donna Mensah is a author of the new novel 'The diary of a nagging wife'

Donna is a women's fiction writer and her writing is know for it's humor and will often have you convulsing with laughter from the moment you pick it up.

Donna started her career as a singer and songwriter, so her passion for writing was already evident, however a twist of fate, allowed her to take a different route into the world of book writing and she hasn't looked back since.

Donna lives and works out of her home in Waltham Abbey, Essex with her husband and two children.

Instagram @donnamensahauthor

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