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Confessions of a First-Time Mum by Poppy Dolan


Stevie’s life has changed beyond recognition since having her first baby. Stevie loves being a mum, but between the isolation and being vomited on five times a day, she really wishes she had someone to talk to.

With husband Ted working hard to keep the family afloat, Stevie really doesn’t want to burden him with her feelings. Turning to the internet, Stevie starts the anonymous First-Time Mum blog and blasts the rose-tinted glasses of parenthood right off her readers.

In the real world, Stevie meets the formidable Nelle and gorgeous Will, along with their own little treasures, and starts to realise that being a ‘perfect mum’ isn’t everything. But when the secret blog goes viral, Stevie must make some tough choices about who she wants to be, and whether she’s ready for the world to know the truth…


This should be compulsory reading for all teenagers - not to try to put them off having children, but to give them some idea of the reality.

Yes, the story and the writing was hilarious, but the sentiment within it was awfully, wonderfully true. I WAS Stevie (not the blogging bit, obviously) but most certainly the zombie, lost, terrified, totally out of my depth, and totally, utterly besotted bit.

I found this novel totally relateable. It had me laughing out loud whilst deeply sympathising. I felt Stevie's pain. The horrors of that first year give me nightmares even now! The story is all the more poignant for knowing that the author went through it too. This lady has had first hand experience!

How about a book on the terrible two's next???

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