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Congratulations to...

Sam from Harlow! The lovely Sam has won the signed paperback of Summer on the Turquoise Coast, the Summer on the Turquoise Coast notepad, and the Lilac Mills pen and bookmark.

And congratulations to me, because Summer on the Turquoise Coast is out in paperback today. I've given a copy to my mum (who only reads physical books) and she's loving it, so that's a relief. She might be my mum, but she's quick to tell me if she's not keen on any of my books, and she'd prefer it if I wrote whodunnits... She says that octogenarian Flossie reminds her of Gran and, to be fair, Gran did keep popping into my head when I was writing the story. My gran was a law unto herself, wasn't afraid to say exactly what she thought, and lived to the ripe old age of 103. I really miss her!

Summer on the Turquoise Coast is available from Amazon WH Smith Waterstones and loads of other bookshops

Other news...

I'm in the middle of editing the new Christmas book - The Cosy Travelling Christmas Shop - which is due out on 1st September, and is available to pre-order now. By the way, Christmas is only 195 days away! You're welcome️☺️

I've also started work on the second book in a brand new series for 2023. It's so new it doesn't have a title yet!

Plus, I'm busy taking Poppy for long walks and grubbing around in the veg patch, and I picked some strawberries yesterday. There were only six of them, but six is better than none. We've started harvesting broad beans too, although I keep picking them before the beans have had a chance to grow to a decent size. If anyone's got any tips to make sure I pick them at just the right time, please let me know!

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