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Cover Reveal!!

I can finally share the cover of my brand new book, the first in a brand new series, due out on 19th January. I simply adore the colours, and I can't wait for you to fall in love with Foxmore.

The Corner Shop on Foxmore Green will be available in ebook and paperback, and if you want to order a copy you can do so on:



Barnes & Noble


Other retailers

Can a new shop change the village’s future – and Rowena’s?

Single mum Rowena is always looking for ways for her and Nia, her four-year-old daughter, to live more sustainably. So when she visits a zero-waste shop in Cardiff, she’s inspired to start one up in her home village of Foxmore, where local businesses and artisan shops are a core part of the community.

For Huw, it’s love at first sight when he bumps into Rowena the day he moves to Foxmore. But a series of misunderstandings keeps the two from getting closer, and now a conflict of interest over Rowena’s shop might put a stop to any fledgling romance…

When a figure from Rowena’s past makes a surprise appearance, both her shop and her relationship with Huw are suddenly under threat. Can Rowena still realise her corner shop dreams and find love?

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