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Did The Earth Move? by Carmen Reid


Eve Gardiner is a contented, laid-back single mother with a lot on her mind . . .

Like, is sex with the vet better than no sex at all? Is she too old to shop at Topshop or dye her hair pink? Are violets the new geraniums? What the hell is in the fridge for supper? And, most important of all, has she let the love of her life get away too easily?


Eve is a bit of a hippy chicks and doesn't care. Her home sounds lovely- earthy and warm and welcoming. Her kids (the younger ones) are delightful, especially Anna and her matchmaking, and the older ones are typical lads.

There are a couple of love interests, and both of them are scrummy. (I think I was rooting for the vet!) and at the end, I got the lovely fuzzy"aaah" I was hoping for.

About the Author

Carmen Reid is the author of the bestselling novels Three in a Bed, Did The Earth Move?, The Personal Shopper and Up All Night amongst others. After working as a journalist in London she moved to Glasgow, Scotland, where she looks after one husband, two children, a puppy, three goldfish and writes almost all the rest of the time. Visit her website at

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