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Escape To...Berry Grove Bed & Breakfast by Sarah Hope


Consumed by a corporate job in the City, Kim Reynolds is blissfully unaware how unhappy her daughter, Mia, is.

Until, that is, Mia runs out of school and finally confides in her mother. Faced with a shock wake-up call, Kim realises things need to change.

Will a move to a seaside Bed & Breakfast provide the escape they need to change their lives for the better?

When Danny, Kim’s childhood sweetheart, turns up, buried feelings and a complicated secret threaten to surface and jeopardise their newly discovered peaceful lifestyle.

Can the two people Kim loves most in the world understand and forgive her for keeping them apart?

A single parent romance filled with self-belief, second chances and love.

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Initially, Kim wasn't my favourite lady. Her complete disregard for her daughter's welfare, her high-handedness, her attitude, and the way she treated other people was not endearing. But as the story progressed, I loved seeing the change in Kim - she grew as a human being and became so much more likeable that I was rooting for her in the end. Her journey to get there was fraught with problems - many of them emotional - but it was one where the reader is carried along for the ride.

It does deal with some serious issues (bullying, for instance) but it's done in a sensitive way, and what could have been a sweet lighthearted tale, is given more substance because of it.

This may be the third novel in the series but I read it as a standalone and it works perfectly well by itself.

About the Author

Sarah Hope lives in Central England with her two children and an array of pets.

When she became a single parent she craved novels with single parent characters who she could relate to. Finding the supply of fiction featuring single parents limited, she decided to write the stories she wanted to read.

It has become a passion of hers to write true-to-life fiction and to portray the emotional turmoil and some of the repercussions that are faced during the life-changing events of separation and divorce.

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