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Escape to the French Farmhouse byVictoria Brownlee


Ella moved to Paris on a whim - and found happily ever after.

But after six months of romantic bliss, living with her French boyfriend, cheesemonger Serge, Ella's new life is thrown off course. An unplanned pregnancy doesn't seem too bad, until Serge unexpectedly decides to move their growing family to a goat farm in the Loire Valley, without consulting Ella.

Can Ella and Serge's relationship survive their relocation to the depths of the French countryside?

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I almost stopped reading this before I'd managed more than a couple of pages, because of the summary of what happened in book 1, which I hadn't read. However, fans of Escape to Paris might appreciate the recap.

Maybe because I hadn't read the first book, I didn't feel as invested in the main characters as I would like to have been, and I found Ellie's obsession with cheese rather irritating.

That said, this is a tale of learning to live and love together once the HAE bit has come and gone, and it deals with real relationship issues. Compromise and communication are the two main themes running through the story, and it's nicely wrapped up at the end.

About the Author

Victoria Brownlee is an Australian-born food writer. She's spent the best part of the last decade eating her way around the world, including a two-year stint in China where she was the Food & Drink Editor at 'Time Out Shanghai'. In 2016, she traded dumplings for cheese, and is now settled in Paris, France with her husband and daughter. 'Escape to the Paris Cheese Shop' is her first novel.

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