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False starts and hyacinths

It's been a funny old week, with a mix of frustration and small joys.

I'll start with the frustration first, because I'm a glass half full person and I like to end on a high note.

Writing - that has been my bug bear this week. You see, I have signed a contract with my publisher for 7 new books, the first of which is a Christmas book for 2022, based on a couple of slightly random and not necessarily connected ideas. I really should have thought this through better, but my lovely editor, Emily, has just let me run with it.

So, I start writing. Over twenty thousand words in, I realise the two ideas aren't gelling, the tone isn't right and I've started the story the wrong place.

I scrapped it and started again.

I've now got 5 weeks to complete Version 2 if I want to hit my deadline. Arrggg!!

Wish me luck...

The small joys have come from planting hyacinth bulbs in some little tin buckets which I've hung across the fence separating our patio from the veggie plot, so I'm looking forward to some spring colour. Oh, and I've attached a couple of bouncy metal robins to the top of the posts either side of the gate and am waiting for hubby to notice them. He hasn't yet - he he! They look quite cheerful, even in the rain.

I picked the last of the runner beans, too, which gave me an immense amount of gardeningy satisfaction, so we're going o have those with our lunch today. Which reminds me, I've forgotten to turn the oven on for lunch. Oops!!

I've baked an orange and almond cake this week, which, although my decoration isn't the best (orange buttercream), tasted divine - really, really moist, almost like a sticky toffee pudding sponge. In fact, it might go brilliantly with custard.

I got the recipe from

They've got loads of mouthwatering recipes, so I'm spoilt for choice with what to try next - bearing in mind I'm not the best baker in the world, I'll have to choose wisely!

I've been reading (of course) and here are the books I've enjoyed this week.

And finally, Poppy - my dog makes me smile every day.

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