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Filter This by Sophie White


Ali Jones is hell-bent on achieving her #lifegoals: 10,000+ Instagram followers and a win at the upcoming Glossie Awards. So when she inadvertently leads people to believe she's pregnant and immediately gains thousands of followers, she realises that riding the 'Mummy Influencer' wave could be her ticket to Insta-success. But then Tinder Sam, Ali's one-night-stand, resurfaces, determined to take his new role as baby daddy seriously.

Elsewhere on Insta, Ireland's biggest influencer (and Ali's idol) Shelly Devine has it all -- at least on screen. But beneath the immaculately curated feed, Shelly harbours a secret from her followers -- and her husband --- but who will be the first to discover what she's been hiding?

As Ali's lies spiral out of control, and Shelly starts to take a hard look at her life choices, what will it take for them to realise what's truly important before they lose what matters most?


If you've ever looked at Instagram and envied the perfect lives of the influencers you see on there then this is the book for you. It hilariously highlights the fakery, the impossible perfection and the ridiculousness of the whole thing, and on a much more serious note it explores the addiction that our society has to our mobile devices and to social media.

The premise is fab, the intertwined stories of the two main characters are well developed, and the book is a hoot from start to finish. The romances and associated plotlines are polar opposites, and both are unresolved - but that's OK as there is a second book out on 18th June 2020.

A funny and tongue-in-cheek story which may make you pause next time you doctor a selfie.

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