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For Love Or Money by Clodagh Murphy


Lesley has always fancied herself as an amateur sleuth, a sort of modern day Miss Marple without the support stockings.

So when Al wants to hire her to investigate his elderly uncle's young fiancée, she jumps at the chance. It doesn't hurt that the job will involve posing as Al's girlfriend and joining his glitzy, star-studded family on holiday in Nice.

Stella still can't quite believe she's engaged to legendary actor Sir Peter Bradshaw. She accepted what she thought was a deathbed proposal. Now she has a living, breathing fiancé and a wedding to plan.

First, though, she has to get through a holiday in the South of France with Peter's extended family, who all seem convinced she's a gold-digger with her sights set on the family fortune.

As Lesley bonds with Stella over shopping trips and bottles of rosé, she thinks she has it all figured out. After all, it's no great mystery why a young woman would marry a fabulously wealthy seventy-two-year-old with a heart condition, is it? It's an old story.

And Al may be the nicest boyfriend she's ever had (even if he is fake), but Lesley believes in instant attraction and there's just no spark ... no matter how fit he looks in his swimming trunks. So there's no chance he's going to grow on her.

But people have a way of surprising you, as she's about to discover ...

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Oooh, there was a surprise in this story that I really didn't see coming until almost to the end. Well done for that, Ms Murphy!

I loved the premise, I loved Lesley's voice, I loved the whole thing - apart from the major sex scene in the middle; I skimmed over that. Sorry...

Anyhoo, it was a sheer delight, with lost of funny bits, quite a bit of soul searching, a great deal of telling fibs and keeping secrets, and a couple of lovely happy endings. A really fun read!

About the Author

Clodagh Murphy lives in Dublin, Ireland and writes funny, sexy romantic comedies. She always dreamed of being a novelist, and after more jobs than she cares to (or can) remember, she now

writesull-time. For more information about her books or to sign up to her newsletter, visit her


You can find her in the following places:






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