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Foxglove Farm by Christie Barlow


Return to Love Heart Lane for friendship, romance and a community who will be there for you no matter what…

Isla and Drew Allaway appear to have the perfect life – a strong marriage, two beautiful children and their picture-perfect home, Foxglove Farm. But, new mum Isla is struggling. She loves her little family but with Drew working all hours on the farm, Isla’s lonely. When she discovers that Drew has been keeping secrets from her, Isla has to face losing the home they all love.

Can the Love Heart Lane community pull together once more to help save Foxglove Farm? And can Isla save her home…and her marriage?


There's an awful lot going on in the story perhaps, on occasion, a little too much when it came to Drew (without giving anything away, I didn't really think that was needed or added to the story). Saying that, the mystery was actually quite a good one, and built incrementally throughout the novel, until it reached a very satisfying conclusion.

The mystery was supplemented by the marriage difficulties between Isla and Drew, highlighting the fact that there is often an awful lot more going on after the "happy ever after" wedding bells, and that's what makes a marriage.

It made a pleasant change not to read a story about girl meets boy and falls in love. The love had already happened, and there was a very real danger of falling out of it completely. It just goes to show, marriages, even the ones that look idyllic on the outside, can have hidden issues on the inside.

A delightful story with an intriguing plot line and a satisfying ending.

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About the Author​​

Christie Barlow is the author of A Year in the Life of a Playground Mother, The Misadventures of a Playground Mother, Kitty's Countryside Dream, Lizzie's Christmas Escape, Evie's Year of Taking Chances, The Cosy Canal Boat Dream, A Home at Honeysuckle Farm, Love Heart Lane and Foxglove Farm. Her writing career came as somewhat a surprise when she decided to write a book to teach her children a valuable life lesson and show them that they are capable of achieving their dreams. The book she wrote to prove a point is now a #1 bestseller in the UK, USA & Australia. Christie is an ambassador for @ZuriProject raising money/awareness and engaging with impoverished people in Uganda through organisations to improve their well-being.


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