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From Mum With Love by Louise Emma Clarke


Mum of one, Jess, has had enough of endless diaper-filled days, and her husband Chris has just the solution to vent her frustrations – a blog.

Jess loves her daughter more than anything, but sometimes she just wants a little bit of freedom – some time for herself. Cue a laptop, a glass of wine and the beginning of a life-changing journey.

Overnight Jess's inbox is full of notifications and before long she is officially a 'mummy blogger', but this new life comes with its own set of rules and regulations. With Queen of the Bloggers, Tiggy, blanking her in public, people recognizing her on the street and her life decisions suddenly judged by strangers, Jess's idea of 'me time' is slowly becoming a full-time job.

Will Jess be able to find the right life/work balance? Or will she wish she'd never turned to a world online?


The world of blogging is an intriguing one - especially when it's about something as personal as parenting, and I loved the way Jessica told it as it is. It's not glitzy or glamorous, it's hard work and often yucky and always exhausting.

The format of letters interspersed with prose is different (in a good way) adding depth to a story which is primarily about friendship and family, and what is really important in life.

About the Author

'From Mum With Love' is the debut novel from Louise Emma Clarke; the award-winning writer behind the blog 'Mum of Boys & Mabel'. Louise was educated at Tunbridge Wells Girls' Grammar School and the University of Southampton, before moving to London to begin a career in publishing at magazines and newspapers including Daily Express, Take a Break, That's Life, Best Magazine, and Woman's Weekly. After getting married in 2010, Louise moved to Dubai and worked as a freelance journalist for publications including Time Out Dubai, Time Out Kids, Aquarius Magazine, Gulf News, Baby & Child Magazine, and Dubai Confidential. She started her blog in 2014, a few months after the birth of her second baby - and it quickly attracted a loyal following of over 100,000 mothers across the globe and won numerous awards for its relatable, humorous content. Now living in the UK countryside with her husband and three children - Stanley (6), Wilfred (4) and Mabel (2) - Louise is moving into novel writing with the publication of 'From Mum With Love' in February 2019.

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