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How to Win Back your Husband by Vivien Hampshire


The uplifting, feel-good romantic comedy you don’t want to miss!

It’s not over until he says, ‘I do’…

Nicci is throwing a party: she’s getting divorced! The only issue? She isn’t ready to give up on her soon-to-be ex-husband, Mark – and she has thirty days to win him back!

Everyone makes mistakes but Nicci’s was just a little bit bigger. All she has to do is convince Mark that their love is worth fighting for…

Against the odds will Nicci and Mark be able to forget their past, remember their vows and say ‘I do’ to another trip up the aisle?


I didn't think I was going to like this. About half way in, I started to get a little fed up with Nikki and Mark's repetitive thoughts, but I managed to put that to one side and carried on reading. I was glad I did because the story took a turn I wasn't expecting and that rekindled my interest. The "ahh" towards the end wasn't a surprise, but then it didn't need to be, and the tension was maintained right to the very end.

Nikki and Mark both grew and developed throughout the course of the story and I believe they were better characters for it.

About the Author

Vivien Hampshire was born and brought up in West London where she still lives and works. She has been writing short stories since 1997, and regularly contributes women's fiction to a variety of UK magazines, including Woman's Weekly, The People's Friend, Take a Break and My Weekly, with around 130 stories in print so far.

Her first published novel 'Losing Lucy' is available as an ebook, with a new romance novel due to be published early in 2017.

Following an 'outreach' career working in libraries and children's centres with pre-school kids and their parents, she also now writes extensively for early years professional and parenting magazines on all matters relating to working with children under the age of five, with a special interest in anything that encourages a love of books, stories, rhymes and simple poetry.

As Rosie Kent, she writes funny poems for young children, several of which have been published in Macmillan poetry anthologies for primary schoolchildren.

She loves cats, reading, sitting in the sunshine and eating chocolate, and is an avid crossword puzzler, passing on her knowledge and love of solving cryptic crosswords through interactive crossword workshops, the creation of personalised and themed crosswords to order, and in her book 'How to Crack Cryptic Crosswords', available in both ebook and paperback editions.

Vivien is a Council member and competitions organiser for the SWWJ and a member of the Romantic Novelists Association. You can find her on twitter, and visit her facebook page at:

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