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I really want to live here...

When my lovely editor at Canelo asked if I had based the villa in Sunrise on the Coast on anything in particular, I couldn't wait to dig out the photos of this little beauty.

It's in a wonderful location and I've tried to stay as true to the reality of the place as I could (with a little bit of poetic license with the banana fields). Every time I pass it, I have a War of the Roses moment (the film with Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner not the actual conflict in fifteenth century England!) where I want to post a piece of paper with my contact details on under the door, in case the owners ever want to sell it. I have a feeling it's well out of my price range though...

If you're interested in seeing any more images you can find them in this post on Sunset on the Square and just look at these stunning photos of Masca Gorge, too!

Here are the other two books in the series -

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Sunset on the Square

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