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Just As You Are by Kate Mathieson


Emma Londstown spent her twenties travelling, and now needs to make up for lost time. All her friends are married, having babies, and settling into domestic bliss.

Determined to catch up, Emma plunges herself headfirst into the Sydney dating world, and discovers single men in this city are one of three things; jerks, illiterate, or nerds that work in IT (she must be sending out subtle hints in binary code).


Oh, dear, Emma really does get herself into some scrapes, which leads to all sorts of funny situations. Talk about a square peg in a round hole, she certainly doesn't suit what she thinks she should do/want/have.

It took me a while to get into Emma's character, and I did find her rather immature in the beginning. But that's perfectly OK, because it gives her the opportunity to grow and develop throughout the story, which is exactly what I like characters to be able to do.

The sex scenes are quite explicit and go on for a good few pages, but they are easy enough to skip over if that's what you prefer, without affecting the story at all.

This is a story about self-discovery and following your heart, and how you shouldn't compromise when it comes to your happiness. Funny, ludicrous in places, this is most definitely a laugh out loud romance.

About the Author

Kate Mathieson is a contemporary writer, naturalist and seeker of adventure.

Her memoir, Ways to Come Home, a great African Odyssey was shortlisted for the 2016 Finch Memoir Prize and debuted with great success.

Kate has lived in Scotland, England, New Zealand, Canada and Taiwan, places, which are the inspiration for her books. She currently resides by the beach in Sydney, Australia.

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