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feelgood contemporary romance

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Ebooks are available from Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited

Paperback, hardback and large print are available from all good book stores

or via your local library

Sweet Meadow Series

ebook cover The Cottage in Sweet Meadow Park.png

The Cottage in

Sweet Meadow Park

Love, friendship and following your dreams.

ebook Cafe Sweet Meadow.jpg

The Cafe in

Sweet Meadow Park

Life, love rivals and lemon drizzle cake!

Sweet Meadow Park.jpg

Christmas in

Sweet Meadow Park

Will love light up Sweet Meadow Park this Christmas?

A Typical Family Series

Typical Christmas -cover.png

A Typical Family Christmas

All she wants is a quiet Christmas, with absolutely no drama...

Typical Family Summer ecover.png

A Typical Family Summer

How can you run away from love?

Typical Wedding ecover.jpg

A Typical Family Wedding

Have you got your invitation to the wedding of the year?

The Ticklemore Series


The Ticklemore Christmas Toy Shop

You're never too old to fall in love.


The Ticklemore Tattler

Sometimes you have to write your own future.

Treasure Trove.jpg

The Ticklemore Treasure Trove

Can a picture really paint a thousand words?

The Ticklemore Tavern.jpg

The Ticklemore Tavern

What Violet wants, Violet gets.

But maybe not this time.

Stand-alone Stories

Emily Oak cover.png

Emily Oak's Little Black Book

You can’t always judge a book by its cover...

Cynthia ebook.png

Cynthia Smart's Midwife Crisis

Can you really have your cake and eat it?

Tabitha Locke ebook cover.png

Tabitha Locke's Key to Happiness

Will she keep her heart locked up tight or will Rhys be the key to her happiness?


The Summer of Falling in Love

A heart-warming romance for dog-lovers everywhere.


The Summer of Going Topless

Will her love life be assigned to the scrap heap , along with her car?

EBook Cover The Not So Golden Oldies.png

The Not So Golden Oldies

When retirement isn’t all it’s cracked up to be…

ebook cover.jpg

The Cottage on Wildflower Lane

Wishes don’t really come true, do they…?

Box Sets

Typical box set.png

A Typical Family

Three feelgood cosy romances in one delightful collection


Ticklemore Village

Four feel-good heartwarming romances to fall in love

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