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Looking for Lucy by Julie Houston


Clementine needs to find Lucy before it's all too late. She also knows bringing up a child on your own down on Emerald Street where the street walkers ply their trade isn't easy, even when your daughter's as adorable as four-year-old Allegra. So when Peter Broadbent, wealthy, kind and possessed of the most beautiful house Clementine has ever seen, proposes, it seems almost too good to be true. It is...


How many times can a reader say ‘I wasn’t expecting that!’ whilst reading the same novel? Quite a few if you’re in the middle of ‘Looking For Lucy’.

When the author contacted me to ask if I would read and review, I checked the blurb and the cover, and decided to give it a go. I love women’s lit and drama, so it sounded right up my street. I expected something more melancholy and even a bit dark, if the truth be told, but this novel is far from that. Whilst not a heavy-going read, the story isn’t all giggles and humour either (although it does have its moments and many of them).

The novel deals with some quite substantial issues which are embedded in the substance of the story like a name through a stick of rock. And these aren’t revealed all at once, but fed to the reader at well-placed intervals for optimum effect.

I have not read anything by this author before, but I’m certainly going to check out her other work. Ms Houston has got herself a new fan!

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