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Lots of booky news!

Utterly swoon-worthy merchandise!

I've teamed up with to offer you cool clothes for readers and writers of romantic fiction.

There's a whole range of tees, hoodies and totes for you to celebrate your love of romantic fiction.

Every product is made from certified organic cotton, powered by renewable energy and every product is designed to go back to teemill when it’s worn out. How fantastic is that! And they even make new products from the material they recover when you're done wearing all these lovely things.

Not only that, everything is vegan-friendly, ethical, fair trade and carbon neutral.

You can take a look here.

Other news

The Cosy Travelling Christmas Shop is out in the wild and already getting some lovely reviews.

"Wow wow wow. This is my kind of book. Snow, Christmas , interfering Aunts , a retirement home, a lovely love story, bad x’s and a painful boss. Never mind an ace Christmas shop. You have to read it and a hot gardener thrown in as well."

"A wonderful soft and a little bit surprising Christmas novel, that will definitely open up your heart and fill it with Christmas happiness."

Love in the City by the Sea which is set in stunning Barcelona, is finally out in paperback on 10th October - so of course I'll be running a giveaway! As soon as I get my hands on a pre-publication copy, I'll let you know. And I might even throw in a tote bag or a tee...

Sometimes crossing the finish line is only the first step

Tess Barton is stuck in a rut. Her dream of becoming an artist has stalled as she works three jobs just trying to survive. She’s barely got time to sleep and now her sister, Emma, is signing her up for a marathon…

But it’s not just any marathon. It’s the Barcelona marathon and they’d be running in memory of their late sister. When disaster strikes and Emma can’t make it, Tess finds herself facing a new city and daunting challenge all alone. That is, until an unexpected rendezvous in a little tapas bar with gorgeous local, Roberto.

Soon Tess finds that the fast-paced city isn’t so intimidating – and the marathon not quite so terrifying – with someone by her side. As she races towards the finish line, Tess starts to realise all the things she’s been running away from. But is it too late for her to chase dreams after all this time heading in the wrong direction?

And finally...

I've been featured on the lovely Jill Doyle's blog, Jill's Book Cafe. She writes a Five on Friday feature, where she asks authors five questions. If you want to see what she asked me, take a look here.

What I've been reading


If you love animals, you'll love this story. It's warm and uplifting, but it's not a romance. Not yet. However, as this is going to be the first in a series, it has the potential to become one. The question for the next instalment is... which man will she fall for, because there are two possibilities, each of them gorgeous in their own way.

Romance aspect aside, it's still a warm and fuzzy read, with a glorious setting and well-drawn characters. My particular favourite was Maggie (I want to be like her when I get to her age) and a despicably ferocious cat called Saddam.

This is a story about new beginnings and finding yourself, about family and friendship, and most impotently above love, even without the romance.

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