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Love to Hate You by Anna Premoli


Jennifer and Ian have known each other for seven years. They are leaders of two different teams in the same London bank, and are constantly engaged in a running battle to be number one.

Ian is a handsome, wealthy and sought-after bachelor; Jennifer is a feisty, independent lawyer. When they are thrown together to work on the same project, Ian makes Jenny an offer she can't refuse: to have free reign of their rich client if she pretends to be his girlfriend.

Soon, it becomes more and more difficult to tell the difference between fiction and reality...


This book was so much fun!

It was a rags to riches fairy tale for the heroin - the sort of romance every girl dreams of, with the kind of man every girl dreams of! If there's a spare earl like Ian around then I want one. He's perfect - sexy, good looking, intelligent, brooding yet with a soft side, determined, loyal. Oh boy I could go on!

Jenny is feisty, bright, opinionated and stubborn, stuck in her view of the world and she resists him with a passion (I wouldn't have - I couldn't have!).

I simply adored the sparks and fireworks, and the way the two main characters bounced off each other. The emotion was well-orchestrated and the plot unfolded with a delightful inevitability.

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