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No Bones by Annie Bassett


Ruby Nash’s life has gone to the dogs. Since her husband passed, her once-thriving canine search and rescue business has hit the end of its leash. When her mother, Donna, asks for help investigating her fiancé, Cecil’s, disappearance, Ruby leaves no bone unturned, roaming outside the boundaries of the law. But she’s caught faster than a three-legged cat at a dog show. With her tail tucked firmly between her legs, she and her remaining cadaver dog, a Weimaraner named Sasha, return to her tiny hometown of Dead & Buried. It’s a Texas speed trap with more buried secrets than citizens. Determined to help her mother find the truth about Cecil's disappearance, Ruby and Sasha begin an investigation of Dead & Buried’s crazy characters, digging up more trouble than a dog full of fleas. But without a body, it’s devilishly hard to pin down the murderer. Can she find Cecil and get out of the doghouse alive? More importantly, can she keep from eating too much pie on the job?


It's advertised as a cosy mystery and it certainly lives up to its name.

I loved the way the author(s) wove the dogs into the story, making them an integral part of it, and it added to my enjoyment to discover how these dogs are trained and how they work. At times the main character, Ruby, was rather impetuous and headstrong and made decisions that were silly, but they certainly helped to move the story along.

A quick, easy read, that was interesting and informative, as well as entertaining and funny.

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