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Review of One Summer in Monte Carlo by Jennifer Bohnet


You can run to the sun, but can you ever hide? From the bestselling author of Villa of Sun and Secrets.

Monte Carlo means different things to different people; for some it's a billionaires playground, overflowing with glitz and glamour but for others it's where dangerous secrets lay hidden.

For Nanette Weston, and her then fiancé, F1 racing driver Zac Ewart, their dream life came to an abrupt halt 3 years ago following a car accident which Zac walked away from, but left Nanette being airlifted back to the UK, never to return and never to see her fiancé again.

Monte Carlo was a place she wanted to for

get, not revisit. But when her friend and employer, Vanessa asks Nanette to look after her children in the Principality for a few months, Nanette knew she had no choice but to return.

As the F1 circus once again comes to town, with Zac in pole position, mistakes of the past, leave legacies for the future...

This book was previously published as Follow Your Star by Jennifer Bohnet.

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Book Cover for One summer in Monte Carlo by Jennifer Bohnet
One summer in Monte Carlo by Jennifer Bohnet


How the other half live, eh? We certainly get a taste of it in this story. I've never felt any desire to visit Monte Carlo, but after having read this surprisingly action-packed book, I think I'll have to add it to my bucket-list, if only to ogle the wealthy!

I didn't see the romance coming, I certainly anticipate see the tragedy or it's aftermath, and the contrast between the lifestyles of the characters in Monte Carlo and those in the jungle was stark and telling.

This novel certainly kept me on the edge of my seat.

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About the Author

Jennifer Bohnet is the international bestselling author of sixteen novels, including 'Villa of Sun and Secrets' and 'A Riviera Retreat'. Jennifer's stories usually span the generations with characters ranging in age and having to cope with unexpected problems in their lives - but there is always a hopeful ending, even if there are tears before. Living in France for over twenty years she has happily adapted to the French lifestyle including the long lunches with friends and the wine.

To find out more about Jennie visit her website:

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Or chat to her on Twitter: @jenniewriter

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