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Perfect Match by Zoe May


Can you ever find true love online?

Sophia Jones is an expert in all things online dating: the best sites, how to write a decent bio, which questions to ask and the right type of photos to use. The only thing she’s not so great at? Picking the guys...

After sitting through yet another dreadful date with a man who isn’t quite what she expected, Sophia is just about ready to give up on the whole dating scene. But her flatmate, Kate, persuades her to give it one more chance, only this time she must create a profile describing her ‘perfect’ man.

Yes, he must look like Robert Pattinson and needs to own a multi-million pound business, but there are a couple of other deal breakers, too! So, when a guy comes along who ticks every box, surely there’s got to be a catch?

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You know they say 'be careful what you wish for'? Sophia isn't at all careful, but she does apparently get her wish.

This story is funny, yet quite profound in the end, and the message it carries is relatable. I surged ahead with the book, and although I got the ending I expected (it's romance, so of course I did) there were a few things which happened along the way that I didn't anticipate. I really enjoyed sharing Sophia's journey with her and loved the way her character grew and developed throughout the book. Ms May's writing style is lively and quick, and a pleasure to read.

About the Author

Zoe May lives in south-east London and writes romantic comedies. Zoe has dreamt of being a novelist since she was a teenager. She moved to London in her early twenties and worked in journalism and copywriting before writing her debut novel, Perfect Match. Having experienced the London dating scene first hand, Zoe could not resist writing a novel about dating, since it seems to supply endless amounts of weird and wonderful material!

As well as writing, Zoe enjoys going to the theatre, walking her dog, painting and, of course, reading.

Zoe loves to hear from readers, you can contact her on Twitter and Instagram at: @zoe_writes



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