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Phew! It's a scorcher!

It's been another incredibly hot week in the UK, but the sunshine seems to have agreed with my plants - as long as I keep watering them of course, although the water butts in my garden are looking rather empty. Rain is on its way, thankfully - my sweetcorn and the runner beans could do with it. So could this little guy, I expect! I'm not quite sure when he's munching on, but I don't mind.

Other News

The Works has a wonderful offer on paperbacks, three for £6, both instore and online, and two of mine are included in the offer - so why don't you take a look?

At the time of posting the following books are only 99p on Amazon UK - so just click on the Amazon link if you want to take a look and you'll land on my Amazon Author page.

Make Do and Mend

A Stitch in Time

The Tanglewood Tea Shop

The Tanglewood Flower Shop

The Tanglewood Wedding Shop

Sunrise on the Coast

Holiday in the Hills

Sunset on the Square

Sunshine at Cherry Tree Farm

Summer on the Turquoise Coast

Love in the City by the Sea

And Waste Not Want Not is actually free!

As usual, I've no idea how long these offers will last.

What I've been reading


Delightful! Absolutely delightful! Three women, three totally different lives, brought together by a hospital cafeteria, and utterly uplifting and heartwarming. I simply adored everything about this book. Told from the three separate POVs, the characters were well written and distinct, and I fell in love with all of them. Nervous, shy Chloe with her whole life ahead of her; uptight Hilary who is stuck in her ways; and Joy, whose name describes her perfectly, and who has temporarily lost her joy for life. Each woman has to find their way in the world, and the cafe is integral to that. A story about friendship, family, new beginnings, and love, this book left me with such a warm, fuzzy feeling, and was a Joy to read (see what I did there!).

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