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Publication Day!!

The day has finally arrived when A Stitch in Time in Applwell is released into the world!

This day is always a bitter-sweet one for me, because until now it's been my baby, although one that has gone to nursery now and again, but when it's finally published it's as though it's starting its first day of school, and I can't help hoping that everyone will like it and be nice to it. So, I will be celebrating, but I'll also be on pins until the first reviews show up on all the various platforms.

If you want a reminder, here's the blurb and the cover. And the purchase links, of course! It's out in both ebook and paperback. Amazon Apple Kobo Barnes & Noble Google Other Stores

It’s not just hems that are frayed in Applewell…

Gracie rescues old clothes and cast offs from Applewell’s charity shop, making them into cute and fresh outfits, which she then sells in her little shop. Turning a profit is hard at the best of times, let alone when new arrival Lucas appears…

After running away from the village in his teens, Lucas has finally returned to an uncomfortable amount of fanfare and gossip. His job requires him to streamline homeless charity, UnderCover, and his plans to do so risk putting Gracie out of business.

The pair of them exchange harsh words but when Lucas' niece cuts up his sister's wedding dress, there's only one person he can think to turn to. Along with repairing the dress, will Gracie patch up her relationship with Lucas? Or is that a stitch too far?

Other News!

Sunrise on the Coast is currently only 99p and 99c from most stores, but I don't know how long it will be at this price.

And The Tanglewood series had been translated into German, and Italian (although only one book is in Italian to date).

I've finished writing the Christmas 2022 book, The Cosy Travelling Christmas Shop, which is available to pre-order here.

Also the first draft of my brand new series, out in 2023 and set in the rural Welsh village of Foxmore, has been sent to my editor.

Kobo is running a 40% off sale in Canada, US, UK, Australia and New Zealand, so if that is one of your favourite stores and you'd like to take a (virtual) trip to France, then Le Tour de Love is for you! Take a look here.

Finally, Summer on the Turquoise Coast (if you haven't already read this, you're going to seriously fall in love with octogenarian Flossie) is out in paperback on 13th June. Check it out here.

So it's all systems go in Lilac World, especially since I've started writing the second Foxmore story already!

Oh, and I'm running a giveway purely for all you lovely readers who follow my blog. If you want to win a signed paperback of A Stitch in Time, just let me know by Saturday 21st May- - and I'll pick a winner on Sunday 22nd May. Be sure to check my next blog post, becuase I'll be announcing the winner there.

OK, that's all from me for now (that's enough I hear you say!).

Hugs and kisses,

Lilac x

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