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Review - Someone Like You by Tracy Corbett


What happens on holiday doesn't always stay on holiday...

When mousy factory-worker Lilith Monroe meets gorgeous Will Taylor on holiday, she reinvents herself as Lily, a risk-taking costume designer extraordinaire. What’s the harm in a few white lies when she’ll never see Will again?

Back in England, Will can’t stop thinking about Lily. When his events company needs a costume designer last minute for the Royal Windsor Festival, it’s like fate is knocking on his door. He can hire Lily and see if the spark is still there. Except he hasn't been entirely honest with Lily...

Can a holiday fling become something more, or are there too many untruths between Lilith and Will?



This story was so much fun - despite what you might think from the opening funeral scene.

When Lilith reinvents herself as Lily and embarks on a Caribbean holiday the fun begins - both for her and for the reader- as she unwittingly propels herself into Will's life, with often rather funny results.

The loss of loved ones and the ongoing repercussions is the theme woven into the background of this story, but I never felt it to be overdone, and it's a springboard for change on Lily's part. As for Will and his gorgeous little daughter, it's time to let go and learn to love again.

A thoroughly enjoyable emotional story that tugs at your heartstrings as well as making you smile

About the Author

Tracy started writing in her late twenties, song lyrics, sketches for pantomimes and short stories, before venturing into the wonderful world of novel writing. She describes her writing style as modern tales of romance, with engaging quirky characters, who overcome adversity, grow as people and conclude in satisfying optimistic endings. When Tracy isn't writing, she enjoys amateur dramatics and can regularly be found dressing up in various strange costumes and prancing about the stage pretending to be all manner of odd characters!

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