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Review - The Only Way Is Up by Carole Matthews


Lily and Laurence had it all: the money, the car, a beautiful home in the Buckinghamshire countryside. Then Laurence loses his job and everything disappears. With nowhere to turn, Lily and Laurence are forced to take their two young children and move to a flea-ridden council house on a notoriously rough estate. As they try to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives, Lily constantly dreams of returning to her old, luxurious life. Will her dream come true or will she learn that money doesn't always buy happiness?



I adored the premise of this story! It was such a laugh. Even though I was cringing for the dire straits the family found themselves in and feeling sorry for Lily, there was a part of me that abhorred the way money poured through their fingers. At first Lily is shallow and self-absorbed to a certain extent, but as the story progressed her personality developed and her resilience was astounding.

Lawrence was a total prat, but he too, became a far more likeable and relatable character.

The book could have descended into an idyllic and rose-tinted view of poverty, what with the friendliness and open-heartedness of some of the less well-off characters, but it didn’t – mostly due to a couple of really nasty fellas, who provided some balance and a reality check.

The message I took from this is one of “there but for the grace of God”, and “money doesn’t bring happiness” – but neither does the lack of it!

Another fun, engrossing read from Ms Matthews.

About the Author

Carole Matthews is the Sunday Times bestselling author of thirty-four novels, including her latest Christmas for Beginners. Her numerous Top Ten Sunday Times books are Million Love Songs, Paper Hearts & Summer Kisses, Sunny Days & Sea Breezes. Matthews is also an Amazon number one bestseller. Carole has been awarded the RNA Outstanding Achievement Award. Her novels dazzle and delight readers all over the world.

For all the latest news from Carole, visit, follow Carole on Twitter (@carolematthews) and Instagram (matthews.carole) or join the thousands of readers who have become Carole's friend on Facebook (carolematthewsbooks).

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