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Runaway Tess by JM Spade


A new job and a new city every few months is what Tess lives for. The adventure of constant change drives her passion for travel nursing. At least that's what she's been telling herself for years. Going back home for a family wedding, her sister sets her up on a blind date and Tess quickly falls for Evan, the perfect gentleman, even if it was for one night only.

When her next move takes her home for the summer, a chance encounter brings her right back into Evan's arms. However, falling in love quickly brings up old memories and flashbacks from a time Tess had long ago tried to forget.

The deeper in love she falls, the more she realizes how the events of the past have shaped who she is. Tess must dig deep within herself, reliving the past, and question her real reasons for living her life the way she does if she wants to truly fall in love.

At the end of the summer, will Tess stay for Evan or accept her next travel nursing assignment?

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I wasn’t sure about reading a book in a series entitled The Nursing Diaries. Only recently have I realised there is such a thing as a sub-genre called medical romance. But I remember my gran reading every doctor and nurse romance in the Mills and Boon stable that she could get her hands on, so I decided to give it a go.

Firstly, can I say it’s a romance, just like any other in it’s field. The setting is just a setting. It was the plot that is important, and boy what a plot it is. It unfolds gradually, with the author dropping little hints regarding the main character’s backstory. Tess is damaged and vulnerable, but the reader doesn’t know why, and I must admit that it was great fun finding out.

Having a preference for British chick lit, I found this definitely all-American story was easy to dive into, with the ahh factor at the end. It does deal with a darker issue, which makes the book not as much of a light-hearted read as the book cover suggests and the blurb merely hints at. Nevertheless, it’s still uplifting, even though it did end a little abruptly.

By the way, it might be book 4 in a series, but it's a standalone.

On a final note, I never knew such a thing as ‘travel nurses’ existed.

On a final, final note, I’ll be reading more of this author and this sub-genre in future.

About the Author

With an active imagination, JM has been writing as long as she knew how to hold a pencil. Her early stories were never complete, however. After graduation from high school, she went on to become a nurse and found a true passion for caring for others. Marriage and a set of twins later, she returned to her writing.

During lunch and after the kids went to bed, she began to mold her first story into shape. After several months of work, she finally had a novel to be shared and be proud of! Of course, new ideas continue to emerge and new novels follow!

Many of her stories these days share a main focus: nursing. Writing what she knows best allows for the authenticity of characters and situations. JM loves to draw from personal experiences as well as use her imagination to form the perfect fiction novel.

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