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Seedy update

Remember those potatoes I was chitting on my windowsill? I stuck them in some compost (literally - there was no finesse involved), about eight or so inches worth, then covered them over.

I waited for some shoots to show, and covered those over too. This went on until the bag or pot I'd put them in was filled to the top, and now the final leaves are beginning to poke their heads above the surface. I'll leave them flower and then harvest them.

My mouth is watering already.

That little dot of a leaf you saw last time was definitely a baby lettuce. Look at them now - teenage lettuces! Almost ready to eat.

And the little cabbages and broccoli plants are growing well - although I forgot to label them and now I don't have a clue which is which.

Those aren't weeds in between - they're more lettuces. Or maybe spinach...

Lesson learned - don't hope I'll remember what I planted where, because I won't. Stick a label on them next time!

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