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Etti Summers

Summer at the Stables on Muddypuddle Lane

Rose Walker isn’t averse to falling in love again. What she is averse to are stand-offish single dads who don’t appreciate her offer of help.

Jason Halligan has no intention of falling in love any time soon. He has enough on his plate caring for his six-year-old daughter, May, without any added complications in his life.

And Rosie most definitely proves to be a complication when Jason reluctantly accepts her offer to take May to her riding lesson. Not only does he find himself far too attracted to her for his own good, but they also have very different views about their respective daughters’ love of horses. Especially when Rose puts May’s name down for a forthcoming horsey event that he doesn’t approve of May entering.


As the summer sun warms Muddypuddle Lane, will Rose and Jason get off their high horses or will they put any chance of love out to pasture?

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