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Summer in the Orchard by Fay Keenan


Sophie Henderson loves her job at Carter's Cider in the picturesque Somerset village of Little Somerby, but with summer dawning before yet another picking and pressing season, and her boss David showing no signs of wanting to hang up his cider jug, perhaps it is time to move on.

She's all set to hand in her notice when Alex Fraser, an intern from Vancouver, comes to Little Somerby to learn everything he can about the cider business. With Sophie as his mentor, attraction between them starts to grow alongside the apples.

For Alex, however, being in Little Somerby is about more than cider, and as the summer grows warmer, and his relationship with Sophie blossoms, can he find the courage to tell her the truth before it's too late?


I enjoyed the intrigue in the story and the way the author led the reader to arrive at the correct conclusion before most of the people in Little Somerby did. I also really enjoyed a glimpse into the world of cider making, and I adored the village and the characters, and the whole cozy feel of this novel.

About the Author

Fay Keenan was born in Surrey and raised in Hampshire, before finally settling in the West Country. When Fay is not chasing her children around or writing, she teaches English at a local secondary school. She lives with her husband, two daughters, a cat, two chickens and a Weimaraner called Bertie in a village in Somerset, which may or may not have provided the inspiration for Little Somerby. Fay's novels, 'The Second Chance Tea Shop' and 'Springtime at the Cider Kitchen' are available on all major digital platforms.

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