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Summer Island by Natalie Normann


He never meant to stay.

He certainly never meant to fall in love…

Summer Island off the coast of Norway was the place London chef Jack Greene should have been from. He’s an outsider in the community that should have been his family, and now he’s setting foot on the strange land he has inherited for the first time.

Ninni Toft, his nearest neighbour, has come to the island to mend her broken heart. With her wild spirit and irrepressible enthusiasm, she shows city-boy Jack the simple pleasures of island life – and what it means to belong. To a place. To a people. To one person in particular…

Home is where the heart is, but is Jack’s heart with the career he left behind in London, or on the wind-swept shores of Summer Island, with Ninni?

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I enjoyed getting to know the island and Norwegian customs almost as much as I enjoyed getting to know Ninni and Jack. Every time she, or one of the islanders spoke I could hear the delightful sing-song accent in my head.

I loved Ms Normann's style of writing - it's quaint and sweet - the plot is sound, and the characters are easily believable.

I'm already looking forward to her next book!

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