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Summer on a Sunny Island by Sue Moorcroft



This summer, sparks are flying on the island of Malta…

When Rosa Hammond splits up from her partner Marcus, her Mum Dory suggests a summer in Malta. Not one to sit back and watch her daughter be unhappy, Dory introduces Rosa to Zach, in the hope that romance will bloom under the summer sun. But Rosa’s determined not to be swayed by a handsome man – she’s in Malta to work, after all.

Zach, meanwhile, is a magnet for trouble and is dealing with a fair few problems of his own. Neither Rosa or Zach are ready for love – but does fate have other ideas? And after a summer in paradise, will Rosa ever want to leave?

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This book is a little grittier than either the title, the blurb or the cover suggests. I was expecting a lighthearted romance in an idyllic setting, instead I got a look at the darker, seedier side of life that exists everywhere, no matter the location.

Rosa is a strong character, and so is Zach, although he is riddled with doubts and an ill-deserved lack of belief in himself. The other female characters in this story have their own issues and hardly any of their lives are straightforward (whose is?). However, it's the majority of the other male characters who are the real issues, here - very few of them are particularly nice, and this story cheerleads women standing on their own two feet and who are better off without those men unless they change their ways and attitudes.

Malta as an island is beautifully described, but the author doesn't shy away from also pointing out the less than lovely things about it. Some of the party areas, for instance, are rather more 18-30 holiday than I would want to experience and, along with the underbelly of crime exposed, not a place I would want to visit.

Ms Moorcroft does a fine job of showing that people can turn their lives around with the right opportunities, and of course the romance between Rosa and Zack is the shining light in this slightly darker than normal uplifting story.

About the Author

Sue Moorcroft is a Sunday Times and international bestselling author and has reached the coveted #1 spot on Amazon Kindle. She's won the Goldsboro Books Contemporary Romantic Novel Award, Readers' Best Romantic Novel Award and the Katie Fforde Bursary. Her novels of love and life are currently released by publishing giant HarperCollins in the UK, US and Canada and by an array of publishers in other countries. An army child, Sue was born in Germany then lived in Cyprus, Malta and the UK. She's worked in a bank, as a bookkeeper (probably a mistake), as a copytaker for Motor Cycle News and for a digital prepress. Now she has the best job in the world ... author.

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