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Taking a Break

With the first of the 2023 novels under my belt and off to my editor (I won't be so jaunty when I get it back and she wants me to change stuff!) I'm easing back on the writing throttle for a couple of weeks and catching up on a few chores, such ad DIY and gardening, and I've also been doing a bit more reading than usual. So has my daughter! I was shocked when she sent me a photo to prove she's in the middle of reading Sunshine at Cherry Tree Farm.

Considering she's had a copy for ages, and the dog featured in it was hers, I think it's about time...

Here's what I've been reading - and I can highly recommend them too! Having worked in an educational setting for 20 years, I love books about schools, and I cut my teeth on Mallory Towers and the St Trinians books.

I also loved James Herriot's books - yes, I know they're nothing to do with schools, but bear with me - and I recently came across Gervase Phinn, who reminds me very much of Mr Herriot in terms of his writing style. This lovely trio is all about a small primary school set in Yorkshire, and they captivated me from the very first word. They were first published in around 2013/2014, yet from the tone of them and the descriptions in the books, I would have put them a couple of decades earlier (more Herriot-esque).

Gently, amusing, tongue-in-cheek, with so many diverse and quirky characters, these were a joy to read!

Here's a couple of pricing updates for you (prices correct as of 5.15 pm 7th June!)

Make Do and Mend in Applewell ebook is currently £1.09 on Amazon UK (yes, I know - odd price!)

A Stitch in Time in Applewell ebook is £1.49 on Amazon UK and the paperback is only £2.50 on Amazon

Don't ask me why they're different prices - I've no idea!

Don't forget, I'll be picking the winner of the giveaway for Summer on the Turquoise Coast on 13th June, so keep your eyes peeled.

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