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The Dead Ex by Jane Corry



Vicki's husband David once promised to love her in sickness and in health. But after a brutal attack left her suffering with epilepsy, he ran away with his mistress.

So when Vicki gets a call one day to say that he's missing, her first thought is 'good riddance'. But then the police find evidence suggesting that David is dead. And they think Vicki had something to do with it.

What really happened on the night of David's disappearance?

And how can Vicki prove her innocence, when she's not even sure of it herself?


This story certainly has its fair share of twists and turns! They kept me on my toes right to the very end. I particularly liked the way the author kept leading the reader down one path only to take a sharp right and lead us straight up another.

I felt the main character was a very convoluted person and I was never quite sure how I felt about her. I was rooting for her right from the start but a part of me kept wondering if she did do it, and you'll have to read it for yourself to find out if she did!

A thoroughly enjoyable, engaging read, and I particularly enjoyed reading about Vicki's epilepsy. Despite being informative, I thought the author handled it with empathy and tact.

About the Author

Jane Corry is a writer and journalist who has spent time working as the writer in residence of a high security prison for men - an experience that helped inspire her Sunday Times bestsellers 'My Husband's Wife' and 'Blood Sisters'. Jane runs regular writing workshops and speaks at literary festivals all over the world. Many of her ideas strike during morning dog-jogs along the beach followed by a dip in the sea - no matter how cold it is! Jane's brand-new thriller 'The Dead Ex' is being published on 29th June 2018 by Penguin Viking and is available for pre-order. You can find Jane on Twitter at @JaneCorryAuthor and on Facebook at JaneCorryAuthor as well as Instagram.

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